Matthew Tammariello (a.k.a. Shortcircles) has been a part of the Mapzzz crew for a long time, delivering our fourth-ever EP before moving on to join the ranks of Los Angeles’ Plug Research imprint. Although Shortcircles’ production process is a predominantly solo endeavor, his live sets see his blissed-out beat work re-imagined by a four-piece band, with Tammariello at the controls and a local crew of sonic tinkerers surrounding him with even more knobs, keys, pedals, and guitars. For this edition of Sharkbite Sessions, the outfit offers a new interpretation of “Meatball in Space,” a song which appeared once on Shortcircles’ Mapzzz EP and again (in a slightly different form) on his excellent debut for Plug Reasearch. The track is a long, meditative journey in which Tammariello leads us through with an enveloping sense for patience and sonic care that renders the track soothing—the kind of inviting beat you just want to curl up with. With a talented supporting cast including Forest Floor’s Geoff Saba on piano, Empty Pocket’s Adam Myatt on theremin and guitar, and Mapzzz’s own Glenn Jackson pushing organ chords, this video also serves as a peaceful introduction to the core of the Mapzzz crew. After letting Shortcircles clear your head with his airy beats, you can check out the rest of our Sharkbite Sessions over on our Vimeo page.


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