It’s true, the tape-obsessed blog bosses over at Crash Symbols have tickled our fancy with yet another record (remember when we talked about Ghibli’s recent excellent full-length for the label?), this time tapping one of our own townsmen, Some Ember. We’ve been lucky enough to preview a few of these tunes from the Oakland producer/vocalist on Mapzzz over the past months, but now they’ve all been brought together for a hauntingly dense full-length. As Hotel of Lost Light unfolds, it’s clear Some Ember is dedicated to his sound, burrowing unflinchingly into ever darker areas of electronic abstraction. Phew, excessively long descriptions aside, we love this album and are proud to say it comes from a man deeply entrenched in the same burgeoning Oakland scene we consider ourselves a part of. You can stream Some Ember’s debut effort below and download it for a “name your price” fee here.


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